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Live DAS recordings

ECFA ECFA is an ongoing project of Austin, Tx. based saxophonist & composer, Carl M Smith.For a little under a year Carl lived in the Detroit area and haunted the Art Space regularly. He improvised freely with various players. This particular recorded segment is of Carl w/ Joel Peterson on bass. (click image for audio)
Larval Larval is the ever evolving demon seed of guitarist Billl Brovold's mind. Bill is notorious for using whatever musicians he has on hand to create loud dramatic progressive rock. He is a Detroit instituition in and of himself. This song, entitled Majestic West, was recorded at one of their many visits to the DAS. (click image for audio)


23 Hour Technicolor Xcorcism

THTX is the progressive psyche rock brainchild of Matthew Smith. Matthew leads the band Outrageous Cherry. He is a founding member of the Volebeats. He is kind of like the Kim Fowley of Detroit. Here he is heard jamming progressively along with Ralph Valdez, Kerry Gluckman and special guest Marko Novochkoff. (click image for audio)
We March We March of Athens, Oh. is one of our favorite acts from out of town. They play straight up punk rock n roll that nods equally to the Stooges, the Dead Boys, Rocket 455 and vintage Black Flag. It's bands like them that make it all worthwhile. This recording was may have been made on Saturday June 12th. (click image for audio)
Bunnyhug Chicago bands are seldom as cool, as people, as Josh and Joe of Bunnyhug are. I believe this recording was made on Thursday November 6th. The night they played with Freezepop. (click image for audio)

Rattling Wall Collective

the Rattling Wall Collective are a Detroit area group of electro-acoustic improvisors treading between free jazz and noise experimentation. Constantly changing and evolving. No two shows seem to be the same. They played at DAS a few times. (click image for audio)
Human Eye Human Eye is the alien spawn of former Clone Defect Timmy Vulgar. This song, "Gag on Popular Culture", was recorded on 4/01/04, when they performed with the Piranhas and Old Time Relijun (K records, Olympia, Wa.). One of the best shows we ever had the honor to host. This was maybe their 4th show. Their original drummer had just gone to jail (bless his heart) and Ryan of the Piranhas was sitting in until they found a new drummer. (click image for audio)
Cat Time Cat Time is a noisey progressive rock sextet from Grand Rapids, MI. They grew out of several other Grand Rapids prog-noise acts. Namely C3, Van Ness, Mommy Won't Wake Up, the Night Doctors and the Ldudes. One of the members, Rich,is the creator and overseer of 10eastern the website. Shane their drummer used to work at Zoot's coffee and the Gold Dollar in Detroit before he moved away to GR. Everybody knows that crazy little Amish skater kid. (click image for audio)
Mammal Mammal is the experimental electronic "noise" project of Animal Disguise records head man, Gary Beauvais. One of our favorite local noise acts, Mammal tends to make scary beat drive noise collages that both entrance and attack the senses of the average spectator. He's usualy loud as Hellstanding on the floor over a box of gizmos. (click image for audio)


Viki is the greatest. She's a genious and a total goofball. She put on one of the first non-jazz shows at DAS. It was legendary disaster. We love her dearly. This is a clip of her live on one of her many nights at DAS. (click image for audio)


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