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ECFA is an ongoing project of Austin, Tx. based saxophonist & composer, Carl M Smith.For a little under a year Carl lived in the Detroit area and haunted the Art Space regularly. He improvised freely with various players but the most fruitful and enduring combo was the trio of: Carl w/ Joel Peterson: bass & Kevin "the Bro" Callaway: drums, who were often joined by pianist Kenneth Green (who is playing on this particular clip), Faruq Z Bey, Michael Carey, Mike Khoury and Fred Bergman, amongst others. (click image for video)

Blue Collar Blue Collar of NYC practice a very minimalist approach to jazz that often resembles the noise music the magazines are raving about. The trio of Nate Wooley - Trumpet, Steven Swell - Trombone & Tatsuya Nakatani - percussion made these particular noises on Tuesday October 19th. (click for videos) Blue Collar pt1 pt 2
JusThis JusThis: a local trio featuring jazzy guitar wonder Ryan Mackstaller and friends. This is them on two seperate nights. The first excerpt is from Tuesday October 19th. The second from Tuesday November 2nd.(click image for video) JusThis pt1 pt 2
the Dead Science Dead Science came to us from Seattle Washington. A couple of them had been in Xiu Xiu at some point. They record for a label called Absolutely Kosher. They truly wowed the few of us who saw the show. Really nice people to boot.This excerpt was taken from performance on Saturday October 9th 2004. (click image for video)
Stinking Lizavetta Stinking Lizavetta, of Philly, Pa, are one of THOSE bands. One of those bands that are unbelievably great, they've been around for a decade, and yet no one seems to know about them (in Detroit at least). This is them doing what they do on Sunday October 17th '04. (click image for video)
Dancers DAS regulars know Nate "White Devil" Savino & door girl B Kerry for their sunny faces and outspoken love of all things musical. Sometimes they are compelled to express that love using the ancient language of dance. Here is a lovely example of them in action. (click image for video)


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