Detroit Art Space
Past Events





Jan. 'o4

Thurs. 8th Dub is a Weapon (NYC) w/ A Dub Supreme Sound System live Dub reggae + Dj's
Sat. 10th Daniel Johnson w/ Noah Harris & (another band I can't remember?) indie folk
Mon. 12th Daughter w/ Austenitic and (another band I can't remember?)

punk rock

Fri. 16th Drawing Party ! 1st night (most of) the Drawings are made and show is hung art event
Sat. 17th

Drawing Party opening


the Dusk, Black Egg (feat; Jamie Easter)

& (i can't remember who else played at the moment)

multi-media art event
Sat. 31st

Bunnyhug w/ the LSdudes & Disabled Lover

live electronics/ rock


Feb. '04

Fri. 7th

El Boxeo, the Sugarcoats & New Grenada

indie rock

Sat. 14th Valentine's Day dance party w/ Dj's Fukno & Akademikal dance party
Fri. 20th

the Blackman's art show

with a performance by

Skeeter Shelton & friends

art show w/ live jazz
Fri. 27th Aphonic w/ Cat Time & In Door Park art rock/pop rock/"post rock"


March '04

Tues. 2nd

the Chromatics w/ Tamion 12 Inch, Viki & Via Empoyee

post punk/live electronics

Thurs. 4th Dub is a Weapon w/ A Dub Supreme Sound System live reggae + Dj's
Fri. 5th

Whiskey Tenor w/ Jimmy Ohio (at Motor City Brewing Works)

indie rock
Fri. 6th We March w/ Lee Marvin Computer Arm (who couldn't get to the show) punk rock
Sat. 13th

Thunderbirds are Now! w/ the Dusk, M Sord, Via Employee

(the Sick Lipstick were supposed to play but they broke up on the way)

post punk/art rock
Sun 14th

Accelera Deck (of Auburn, Alabama) & Evol (Barcelona, Spain, Mego records)

with Satelitte Grooves, Delien & Mikey Dufour

experimental live electronics
Wed. 17th the Ghost w/ the Prisoners Dilemma & the Same Fate emo
Fri. 19th Mwata Bowden and Sound Spectrum with Kenny Green live free-ish jazz
Sat. 20th Human Caveman w/ Black Egg & Silver Rocket art rock
Thurs. 25th

Save the Trees fest (nite 1) feat; Cat Time, Thunderbirds are Now!, the Riots & the Rants

Fri. 26th Save the Trees fest (nite 2) feat; 5 Star Hotel Fighter, Kinetic Stereo Kids, Riddle of Steel & Lisboa rock
Sat. 27th Save the Trees fest (nite 3) feat; Lee Marvin Computer Arm, Tight Phantomz, Panther Attack & dare Diablo rock
Wed. 30th Birth (of Cleveland/NYC) live jazz


April '04

Thurs. 1st

Old Time Relijun w/ the Piranhas & Human Eye

indie/punk rock

Fri. 2nd

Voltage w/ the Trolls & Superwow

(Mommy Won't Wake Up was supposed to play but did not show up)

punk rock/live electronics
Sat. 3rd

Tangent Gallery "San Francisco show" after party

w/ performances by

Caleb Garrison & Melanie Manos

Sliv & Dulet

(and some other acts I can't remember)

multi-media art event
Sun. 4th the Naysayer w/ Mascott, the Electric Bear performing "Weeds" & the Sugarcoats indie folk & noise
Fri. 9th

Geoff Farina w/ Owen (aka Tim Kinsella), Warren Defever & Jimmy Ohio

indie folk
Sat. 10th

the Blackman's dance party

dance party
Tues. 13th An Albatross w/ the Dusk & Via Employee indie metal/post punk/art rock
Fri. 16th

the Heino Show opening party

w/ performances by

Soft Location


+ the Heino dancers

multi-media art event
Thurs. 22nd Ovah! & Happy Mothers Day, i can't read w/ Black Sand Desert, Cotton Museum & Meat Slicer art metal & noise
Fri. 23rd

10 Words for Snow w/ the Prime Ministers, the Basements & the Salt Miners

rock & country/bluegrass
Sat. 24th Marco Eneidi trio (of SF, Ca.) free jazz
Wed. 28th the Get Hustle w/ Terror at the Opera & Via Employee art rock
Fri. 30th

LookLook Youth Invasion tour

feat; Electrocute & Hawnay Troof w/ Candy Darlin' (aka White Devil) & Pretty Thigh and Foreflesh

electro punk
Fri. 30th Hairshirt & In Door Park (at Motor City Brewing Works) indie rock


May '04

Sat. 1st

Art opening for

Chris Sandon

"When Neanderdolls Attack

with a performance by

Faruq Z Bey in Quartet

art event/free jazz

Wed. 5th

the Sugarcoats w/ A Thousand Times Yes (at Motor City Brewing Works)

indie rock
Wed. 5th

Paradise Island w/ William Elliot Whitmore & FT (Shadow Government)

indie folkd/experimental
Thurs. 6th the Close w/ the Trembling & New Grenada indie rock
Fri. 7th

Kalkaska w/ Fred Thomas, Tuqe & Dabenport

indie rock
Fri. 14th

the Blue Sunrays w/ Ganon and Verzerren (closing party for Chris Sandon art show)

pschye rock
Sat. 15th

Ben's Birthday Party


Wildly Different, Misty and the Eastern Seaboard trio

live electro/rock/free jazz
Wed. May 26th

Astro-cusion w/ Laughing Gas & Will Soderberg

noise/free improvised jazz/rock
Thurs. 20th Ntx + Electric w/ Fashion Flesh & White Devil live electronics
Fri. 21st

El Guapo w/ Yellow Swans, Stylex & Black Sand Desert

post punk & noise
Sun. 23rd Ultradyne w/ Novamen (Dj Overdose), LegoWelt, Counter Couture (and another act I can't remember?) live electro
Wed. 26th the Sugarcoats w/ Soen Hoen (of Leaving Rouge), Joe Phillips (of Few and Far Between), Daniel Johnson (of Judah Johnson) & Friendly Foes (of Thunderbirds are Now!) indie folk, solo acts
Fri. 28th

Tentacle Lizardo (their 1st post Trolls show) w/ Thee Snuff Project & the Dusk

Sat. 29th Paik w/ the Perfect Guy & Chalk psyche/rock/post punk


June '04

Fri. 4th

UrDog w/ Larval & El Boxeo

art rock

Sat. 5th

Magas & Les Georges Leningrad w/ Prurient (& another act who's name I didn't catch) *Airconditioning & Pissed Jeans were supposed to play but their van broke down

live electro & noise
Wed. 9th

Hella w/ Need New Body & Make Believe

art rock
Fri. 11th Dabenport w/ Judah Johnson (at Motor City Brewing Works) indie rock
Sat. 12th

We March w/ the Terrible Twos

punk rock
Thurs. 17th

the Race w/ Templo Diez & Lingua Franca

indie rock
Fri. 18th

ECFA reunion show joined by Faruq Z Bey, Michael Carey & friends

free jazz
Sun. 20th

Few and Far Between w/ Desert City Soundtracks, Charlevoix & Heads Will Roll

emo rock
Thurs. 24th Nautical Almanac, Fat Worm of Error, Cotton Museum w/ Black Sand Desert & Wiscun noise
Fri. 25th

Far Rad & Bunnyhug (Goudron ended up not playing & Stephanie Finger cancelled)

post punk & noise
Sat. 26th Atomic Coctail presents "Mad about Science" fair multi-media art event
Mon. 28th Via Employee & Blue Velvet (the Faux was unable to make it due to the unfortunate passing of one of their members. Cinema Eye chose not to come) post punk
Wed. 30th

Incite, Axiomatic Intgration, Gradiet Communication & Bubblegone vs. Verzerren

live experimental electronics


July '04

Fri. 2nd

Holy Shit !!! fest

(nite 1)

Sunn O))) w/ 25 Suaves, Lair of the Minotaur & Paik

psyche metal night

Sat. 3rd

Holy Shit !!! fest

(nite 2)

Human Eye w/ Sweet J.A.P., This Moment in Black History, Tentacle Lizardo, We March & Lee Marvin Computer Arm

punk rock night
Sun 4th

White Devil, Wildly Different, Ntx + Electric, Mammal, Little Claw, Human Caveman & the Wildcats

eccentric & electronic night
Tues. 13th Gravytrain !!! w/ Little Miss Led and the Pussy Patrol (aka Demolition Doll Rods, electro) & M Sord live electro
Thurs. 15th

Manishevitz w/ In Door Park & Ten Words for Snow

pop & "post" rock
Fri. 16th

the Tingle Tangle Menagerie w/ Terror at the Opera (& a band whose name I can't remember)

circus event
Sat. 17th

early evening Trumpet & Banjo jazz show. I can't remember the names

any help out there? who were they?

free jazz
Fri. 23rd

Tarantism, Bran .. (Pos) & Vertonen w/ Occasional Detroit & UVU

live experimental electronics
Sat. 24th Friends of Dennis Wilson (several other bands whose names I can't remember, sorry) rock
Sun. 25th

Cex w/ Make Believe & the Billy Nayer Show

art rock and oddity
Mon. 26th David Grubbs w/ Leaving Rouge indie folk & rock
Wed. 28th Growing w/ Mammal psyche metal & noise
Thurs. 29th

Xiu Xiu w/ Judah Johnson & Esmae

emo electro & "post rock"



October '04

Sat. 2nd Mirah w/ Tara Jane O'Neil (ex-Retsin, Rodan) w/ Invisible Mansion indie/pop/rock
Mon. 4th Court and Spark w/ the Tiny Steps & the Blame indie/alt country/pop
Sat. 9th

the Dead Science (Seattle, wa. members of Xiu Xiu) w/ Lingua Franca (Flint, Mi)

lo-fi/bizarre indie pop
Thurs. 14th

an evening with ... the Asylum Street Spankers

- acoustic novelty country

Fri. 15th

art opening for Ben Hoy photo show with a performance by Ryan Mackstaller

art show with live jazz

Sun 17th

Stinking Lizavetta w/Ganon & 5 Star Hotel Fighter

rock n roll/heavy meta
Tues. 19th

Blue Collar (feat; Steven Swell - trombone, Nate Wooley - trumpet & Tatsuya Nakatani - percussion, NYC) w/ JusThis & Antennas Erupt (Sacramento, Ca.)

free jazz
Wed. 20th

Mahjongg w/ Dr. Saxx (aka Judah Johnson) & Thunderbirds are Now!

post punk/funk rock/pop
Fri. 22nd

the S(ni) presents MANASYt, Presetters, Nag Hamadi & Colin Zykowski

experimental/improv/live electro
Sun. 24th

Creeps 'n Monsters art show opening


the Heroine Sheiks, Light, Lee Marvin Computer Arm, & Tentacle Lizardo

freaky films by TM Caldwell + a live freak show !!! and art by dozens of artists

punk rock/multi-media

Wed. 27th

Eastern Seaboard Trio (NYC) w/ JusThis

free jazz
Sat. 30th

Devil's Night !!!


Detroit City Council , Entrance (Fat Possum), the Devil Doll dancers

frightening films by Dave Tooringian + Dj Scott Craig

Multi-media art event


November '04

Tues. 2nd

Voting Day! special event with Nomo and JusThis

jazz/indie/afro funk
Fri. 5th

Triptych Myth featuring; Cooper-Moore : piano, flute, hoe-handled harp, banjo, ashimba / Tom Abbs : bass, violin, dijeridoo / Chad Taylor : drums

free jazz
Sat. 6th DieGrinder w/ Lord Mudd & 5 Star Hotel Fighter rock n heavy metal
Wed. 10th

Measles Mumps Rubella w/ Koonda Hoola & Warren Defever

post punk/experimental electronics

Fri. 12th

art opening for Matthew Blake

with performances bythe Rants w/ From Bubblegum To Sky & the Blame


Sat. 13th

Chin Up Chin Up w/ Old Canes, Dabenport & the Sugarcoats (members of Lee Marvin Computer Arm)

indie pop/folk

Thurs. 18th

New Music Society presents From NYC; Andrew Lamb - Tenor saxophone Warren Smith - Drums Thomas Abbs - Bass

free jazz
Fri. 19th

Hairshirt, Oblisk & Esmae

indie pop/post rock/space rock- $5 - 9pm
Sat. 20th

Lake Success (Grand Rapids, Mi), Cat Time (Grand Rapids, Mi) & Vertonen

(the Dusk & the Blue Girls cancelled, Goat did not show up)

no wave/prog rock/noise